Teachstone Fact Sheet

There is strength in numbers.

We know that quality education begins with quality interactions. That’s why we’re proud to say that since Teachstone was founded, we have delivered the CLASS system into the hands and hearts of tens of thousands of educators everywhere.

Teachstone Stats*

Our numbers speak to the growing impact the CLASS system is having on education—one interaction at a time:

What the Surveys Say**

We take our customers’ satisfaction seriously. Here’s what our customers are saying about their experiences with Teachstone and our CLASS-based resources.

On CLASS Observation Trainings:

  • 92% agreed that they had engaging discussions about the videos that helped them code more accurately.
  • 93% agreed that the trainer clearly, specifically, and confidently addressed questions raised during the training.

On CLASS Train-the-Trainer:

  • 91% agreed that, as a result of the training, they have developed the detailed understanding of the CLASS tool they need in order to train others.
  • 93% agreed that that the trainer provided specific feedback during the practice sessions that will help them when they conduct CLASS trainings.
  • 91% agreed that they understand and can explain the importance of reliability testing.

On MyTeachingPartner (MTP) Coaching – from the teacher perspective:

  • 92% percent agreed that they formed a strong, positive relationship with their coach.
  • 94% percent agreed that their coach’s prompts helped them look at their interactions with children in a new way.
  • 94% agreed that their interactions with children had improved as a result of MTP.

On MyTeachingPartner (MTP) Coaching – from the coach perspective:

  • 90% agreed that they were able to help teachers identify and understand their own interactions.
  • 90% agreed that they were able to help teachers improve their interactions with children.
  • 70% said they quickly learned how to use the video editing software to select clips.

**Numbers as of April 2016