Why Teachstone?

What We Know

Classroom Interactions Matter

Lesson plans impact learning. A classroom’s physical environment makes a difference. But what about the ways teachers relate and interact with children? Educators have long sensed that classroom interactions were important, but only recently do we have the research to prove it. Now we know that children in warm, supportive classrooms show measurable cognitive and social gains—today and for the rest of their lives. It turns out interactions really do matter.

What We Do

It’s All about the CLASS System

We help teachers get better at their interactions with the Classroom Assessment Scoring System® (CLASS). This proven observational measure takes the guesswork out of determining what is—and isn’t—effective teaching. When paired with our powerful professional development resources, the comprehensive CLASS system gives educators the insights they need to make lasting changes in the ways they connect with children.

How We Started

Built on Research; Sustained by Passion

Teachstone began with Bob Pianta and Bridget Hamre of the University of Virginia Curry School of Education Center for Advanced Study of Teaching and Learning (CASTL). Together they founded Teachstone in 2008 to get the CLASS system into schools, districts, states, and large-scale federal programs nationwide. Since then, our Charlottesville, VA-based company has grown from a team of 2 to a company of 100+ staff members across the country. We are led by Bruce Davis, Chief Executive Officer, Rebecca Berlin, PhD, Chief Strategy Officer, and Mike Benzian, Chief Operating Officer, who together are defining Teachstone’s strategic vision.

Where We Are

Teachstone Today

Teachstone has trained over 35,000 CLASS observers, prepared 1,100 affiliate trainers from around the world, and reached tens of thousands of teachers through the CLASS system. Now serving birth through grade 12, Teachstone is poised to help educators everywhere transform learning—one interaction at a time. Learn more about what Teachstone is doing today.