CLASS Observer Recertification

Prove you’ve still got it.

Even experienced CLASS observers drift from accurate use of the measure over time. Recertify annually to demonstrate that you’ve still got what it takes.

Here’s how:

  1. Check your observer certification status.
  2. Purchase CLASS Observer Recertification from the Teachstone store.
  3. Receive product key via email and activate it in your myCLASS account.
  4. Prepare for the test.
  5. Pass the test. You’ll get three tries and receive feedback from us to help you along the way.
  6. Do the happy dance! Print your new certificate and keep an eye out for your updated certification card in the mail.
  7. Show your card proudly when you observe and code classrooms.
  8. Recertify annually.

Are you purchasing recertification for one or more people? No problem! Purchase the tests you need from the Teachstone store and distribute product keys to the test-takers.


Find answers to your CLASS observer recertification questions.

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Purchase CLASS Observer Recertification from our store.