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White papers, crosswalks, and blog posts related to MTP, CLASS, and K-12

Straight from the Experts

Watch videos that discuss CLASS research and teacher/coach experiences with MTP

The MyTeachingPartner-Secondary Model

Anna Savitsky, MTP Specialist at Teachstone, outlines the MTP model, coaching process, and key takeaways for teachers.

Teacher Experience with MTP

Lansing teachers describe their work with MTP 1:1 Video Coaching

MTP-S Teacher Testimonials: Daneric Johnson

Daneric Johnson, an English Language Arts teacher in Waco, Texas, shares his experience participating in the MyTeachingPartner-Secondary project.

Coach Experience with MTP

How MTP supports teachers and coaches

0:00  Intro
0:40  Description of MTP cycle
2:36  Being an MTP coach
3:25  Biggest challenge
3:54  Teacher responses to MTP
4:47  Shifts in teaching practices
5:30  Supports for coaches – parallel process
6:14  Biggest benefit of MTP
7:12  How MTP has helped coaching skills
8:08  How MTP is different from other coaching models
9:19  How MTP supports district goals
10:14 Benefits of MTP on students
10:57 Process of becoming an MTP coach

CLASS/MTP Research and Development

Interview with CLASS developer and Teachstone founder Dr. Bob Pianta (UVA) by Dr. Stephanie Hirsh, Executive Director of Learning Forward. Conducted at InterAct 2019

0:00  Intro
0:54  CLASS overview
2:48  CLASS impact (research evidence)
5:30  How and why MTP works
9:44 How MTP differs from other teacher PD
12:02 Getting teachers comfortable with video PD
13.37 Getting staff interested in MTP
16:11 Coach development to enhance feedback
19:26 Aligning this work to district leader priorities
21.37 Activating classroom context for deeper content learning
24:10 CLASS/MTP model across development
26:30 Where to learn more & ideas moving forward (tech)