CLASS® 2nd Edition

A More Equitable, Accessible, and Impactful Future

The CLASS 2nd Edition Measurement Suite for Pre-K–3rd is now available!

These enhancements and tools were created in response to the most urgent needs of the field while also maintaining the core structures of CLASS.

CLASS 2nd Edition Resources

We’re excited to share these new resources to help you and if now is the right time for your program to move forward here’s guidance

CLASS 2nd Edition Pre-K—K-3 Manuals

The CLASS 2nd Edition: Pre-K–3rd Reference Manual and Field Guide are the definitive source for effective interactions. They have been intentionally written to make meaningful interactions as defined by the CLASS more equitable, inclusive, and accessible.
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CLASS 2nd Edition Pre-K—3rd Score Sheets

Pre-K–3rd CLASS® 2nd Edition enhanced scoresheets, designed to support effective and efficient observations and data collection.
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CLASS® 2nd Edition Pre-K-3rd Observation Transition Training

This 4-hour and 15-minute live facilitated, virtual training is designed to build confidence in effectively observing classroom interactions utilizing the CLASS 2nd Edition Pre-K–3rd Tool.
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CLASS® 2nd Edition: Pre-K–3rd Reference Manual

The CLASS 2nd Edition: Pre-K–3rd Reference Manual contains the research and theory behind the CLASS tool, and provides additional insight and guidance in using CLASS within a CQI process and system.
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CLASS 2nd Edition Overview for Educators

Designed specifically for educators, this 2-hour live facilitated, virtual training is designed to create confidence in being observed with the CLASS 2nd Edition Pre-K–3rd Tool.
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Pre-K–3rd CLASS Interactions Dimensions Guide

Strengthen educators' understanding and practice of CLASS with this easy-to-use guide. The guide helps educators understand the importance of quality interactions and gives tips and examples on how to improve them in their daily work with children.
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Making the Transition Easy

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Take a Closer Look at CLASS® 2nd Edition

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Better Because of You

CLASS 2nd Edition gives you improved tools to drive meaningful interactions in your programs, supporting children’s learning and development. CLASS 2nd Edition allows you to:
Center on Equity
Ensure CLASS reflects and supports the communities we serve.
• More equitable and inclusive definitions
• Increased representation
• Considerations across diverse contexts
• Guidance for reducing bias
Increase Access
Increase accessibility and ease implementation for CLASS users.
• Fewer age level tools and certifications
• Reformatted CLASS Manuals based on extensive user feedback
Measure for Impact
Provide actionable insights to educators on the experiences that matter most for children.
• Expanded measurement with CLASS Environment
• Continuous Quality Improvement enhancements
• Expanded Activity Setting Items to capture curriculum and content

Download the CLASS® 2nd Edition: Pre-K–3rd Reference Manual

Access the summaries of key research that drove development of the CLASS tool, evaluations of large-scale implementations, guidance on creating a data collection system, and support for reporting CLASS data.

Download the Pre-K—3rd Reference Manual digital file for free to read the detailed descriptions for each dimension to guide observations and understanding of effective interactions across Pre-K through third grade settings.

Reimagined CLASS Observation Training

A Reimagined CLASS Observation Training

We reimagined and redesigned CLASS® Observation Training to offer a more comprehensive training experience that leaves observers feeling more confident in their ability to effectively observe interactions, specifically across diverse settings.

The CLASS 2nd Edition Pre-K–3rd Observation Trainings help observers:

    • Build their understanding of equitable observations through new diverse examples, video activities, and explicit guidance on reducing bias and observing across various settings.
    • Collect more actionable data through new scoring strategies, formalized scoring protocols at the indicator level, and support to observe and document the type of learning experiences and activities occurring.
    • Certify and recertify across more age-levels by combining Pre-K, Transitional Kindergarten, and K-3rd into one single manual set, observation training, and certification processes.
Enhanced CLASS® Manual

An Enhanced CLASS® Manual

The CLASS Manual, expanded into our new Manual Set, has been carefully reviewed and intentionally enhanced to make meaningful interactions as defined by CLASS more equitable, inclusive, and accessible.

The CLASS 2nd Edition Pre-K–3rd Manual helps to:

  • Increase access to CLASS with the CLASS 2nd Edition: Pre-K–3rd Reference Manual, containing the research, theory, instructions on how to use CLASS in a CQI system, and impact of interactions, by being publicly available online.
  • Ease the observation process by combining age levels and giving observers the tools they need at their fingertips in the CLASS 2nd Edition: Pre-K–3rd Observation Field Guide.
  • Strengthen measures of quality with equity considerations and guidance embedded throughout the manuals, support for observing in diverse settings, and new item sets to collect the type of learning experiences occurring across classrooms.

A New Measure of Quality: CLASS® Environment

Take a holistic approach to supporting child outcomes by measuring and improving the elements of an environment that can fuel quality interactions with the CLASS Environment measure.

Used alongside the CLASS tool, CLASS Environment is built to:

  • Focus on the arrangements, displays, and types of materials within an environment that promote teachers’ engagement in meaningful interactions.
  • Support infant/toddler, and pre-K/K educators in creating and leveraging effective learning environments.
  • Streamline quality data collection into one system and one observation to reduce disruptions and investments while increasing data-driven improvement efforts.

Help Every Child Reach their Full Potential

Learn more about how CLASS 2nd Edition can help you focus, measure and improve classroom interactions—a key factor proven to drive children’s academic and life-long success.