CLASS® 2nd Edition Trainer Transition Training

Transition your trainer certification to CLASS 2nd Edition
woman doing class training

Become a CLASS 2nd Edition Measurement Expert

Through this training, you will:

  • Enhance your understanding of the CLASS 2nd Edition
  • Develop expertise to assist your program’s transition to CLASS 2nd Edition
  • Acquire skills to pass the trainer knowledge test

Gain Rights to Deliver Even More CLASS Trainings

Once certified as a CLASS 2nd Edition Measurement Trainer, you can deliver:

  • CLASS 2nd Edition Intro to Interactions for Educators
  • CLASS Overview for Leaders
  • CLASS 2nd Edition Observer Certification Training
  • CLASS 2nd Edition Observer Transition Training

Discover the “How” of Great Facilitation

Effective facilitation requires more than just good content. This training is designed to support your key facilitation skills to ensure that every training you deliver resonates with impact. In this program, you will:
  • Learn the Interaction Competencies for Facilitators
  • Observe effective facilitation strategies in action
  • Explore ways to connect, engage, and inspire adult learners

Training Overview


Active CLASS 2008 Pre-K and/ or K-3 Affiliate Trainer Certification


Three-day facilitated training

Ways to Become Trained

Join a virtual training hosted by Teachstone

Host a training at your organization, in-person or virtual

Create Capacity to Transition to CLASS 2nd Edition Today!