CLASS® Observation Training

Learn how to reliably measure interactions with CLASS® Observation Training
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Create a Sustainable System

Reliably observing interactions is a critical component to effective CLASS® implementation. Build your organization’s internal capacity to conduct your own observations by having certified CLASS® observers on staff.

Having certified observers on staff helps organizations:

  • Collect frequent, meaningful and reliable insights on the quality of classroom experiences
  • Focus ongoing quality improvement initiatives on research-proven interactions
  • Create a sustainable system that continuously drives data-informed improvement
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Gather Reliable Insights

CLASS® Observation Training is designed to support observers in reliably measuring the quality of educator-child interactions.

Participants in CLASS® Observation Training will:

  • Understand how to use the CLASS tool to effectively measure interactions
  • Practice observing and scoring classroom interactions
  • Receive exclusive access to resources and supports to help earn and maintain certification


Become a Certified Observer

Certified CLASS® Observers play a critical role in supporting organizations’ continuous quality improvements. Without the data insights collected from the observations, organizations would be unable to create data-driven improvement initiatives that focus on the quality of interactions.

To be a Certified CLASS® Observer, observers need to:

  • Complete a CLASS® Observation Training
  • Pass a reliability exam following the training
  • Maintain certification through a yearly recertification process

Different Options, Same Great Training

CLASS® Observation Training is available across age-groups and is offered in two delivery styles for both CLASS® versions. Choose the training option that best fits your organization's goals and needs.
Register to join a scheduled training that is led by a Teachstone CLASS® Specialist. These trainings offer a hybrid learning style with a mix of independent online learning, and live virtually facilitated sessions.
Find a Training
Request to host and schedule your own CLASS Observation Training for your organization. A Teachstone CLASS Specialist will support your observers in either a hybrid or in-person learning experience.
Request a Training
This observation training supports observers in becoming certified to measure the quality of interactions using the 2008 CLASS tool.
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For new observers or programs transitioning to CLASS 2nd Edition, this three-day observation training supports observers in becoming certified to measure the quality of interactions using the CLASS 2nd Edition tool.
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Start Collecting CLASS® Data

Learn more about building capacity to collect CLASS data in your program.