Our Impact

At their heart, the stories we share and the impact we make are about one thing: interactions.

Too few children experience the educator-child interactions that set them up to thrive in school and life. And the experience of these interactions is inequitably distributed.

Teachstone is working to change this by helping programs and schools learn how to focus, measure, and improve upon these interactions.

Interactions Make an Impact Each Day


There has been a transformation in our staff and the ways that they interact with the children.
I’m talking a lot more with the children. I look in their eyes and explain what they are doing.

Interactions Make an Impact at Scale


Teachstone is proud to support the Department of Defense. As the largest employer-sponsored childcare program in the United States, it’s no surprise that their Child Development Centers already run like well-oiled machines. But as leaders began to learn more about the CLASS tool, they realized that focusing on interactions could bring their educators to the next level.
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Florida’s Department of Early Learning is using CLASS to elevate their workforce of 18,000 employees, upskill 2500 directors, and recruit and train 7500 new educators across the state. Just since first 12 weeks of 2023, they have already provided more than 120 trainings and are well on the way to "Build a World Class Workforce and Strengthen Adult-Child Interaction." Learn more about their impact now.
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Louisiana’s groundbreaking use of CLASS as the sole indicator of program quality in infant through 2nd-grade classrooms across the state has built a culture of focused improvement for teachers, administrators, and parents. See why the former early childhood superintendent says, "The focus and the specificity of the CLASS has led to the biggest transformation in Louisiana."
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