Custom Events

Bring fun and engaging learning to your organization.

An Easier Way to Help Your Staff Grow Their Skills

Custom Events by Teachstone removes the challenges associated with bringing a large, engaging instructional event to your organization. Our team of experts will design an event tailored to your needs and goals, handling  all of the logistics including planning, promotion, registration and execution.

Build Community and Knowledge

Bringing your organization together for a fun learning event not only provides time to create shared knowledge, but also encourages community building.

Custom Events by Teachstone uses a virtual event platform designed to:

  • Support engagement with features such as live chat and recording access
  • Connect participants together through interactive discussion boards
  • Strengthen community with a co-branded experience delivering content at scale

Excite and Energize Educators

The content available through Custom Events by Teachstone is uniquely designed to be engaging, exciting, and focused on research-proven interactions.

The learning experiences offered by Custom Events: 

  • Fit into any busy schedule with 45-minute, short-form digestible sessions
  • Give tactical strategies to strengthen interactions that can be immediately put into practice
  • Highlight how interactions can help make the most out of every moment in the day

A High-Quality and Custom Live Instructional Event

Design your own schedule from a selection of short, engaging sessions available in English or Spanish.
View a Two-Day Agenda
Have a one-, two-, or three-day event or host a series over two to six weeks with sessions for various age groups.
View a Series Agenda
Access the event through an easy-to-use, platform that is co-branded to your organization.
Explore the Platform
Let Teachstone handle all logistics, including planning, promotion, registration, and execution.
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This was a great experience for me. It was targeted to what I do. I loved being treated as a professional, teacher, and caregiver.
The presenters were terrific, and I like the tip sheets a lot!

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