Instructional Support Essentials for Teachers

Increase understanding of this tricky domain and improve scores
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Get Focused Professional Development

It’s no secret that Instructional Support interactions can be challenging. This 8-hour or 6-hour training Pre-K-focused training helps educators understand and grow their knowledge of why Instructional Support interactions matter for children’s language development and thinking skills.

Educators attending this training will:

  • Build a lens to identify effective Instructional Support interactions
  • Use CLASS language to describe effective Instructional Support interactions and explain why they are important to children’s development
  • Watch real classroom videos illustrating effective interactions
  • Apply this lens to their own teaching practices
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Engage in Meaningful Learning

One of the best ways to learn, is to do. With Instructional Support Essentials, educators will have the opportunity to practice identifying, defining, and planning for interactions that drive children’s thinking and development.

Lead by a Teachstone CLASS expert, educators in this focused training will:

  • Receive a participant guide that engages thinking and reflection throughout the training
  • Receive a subscription to the myTeachstone CLASS Learning Community (over 30,000 members!)
  • Earn 0.7 or 0.5 CEUs depending on the length of their training


What Educators are saying about Instructional Support Essentials for Teachers:

“I got a better understanding of not using a flurry of questions, but quality questions and feedback to build on children’s interests and knowledge.”
“The training went beyond simple strategies, I gained a deeper understanding and useful ways to increase meaningful interactions with my students”

Get a Boost in Instructional Support Interactions

Remove the guesswork, and support teachers in leveraging meaningful interactions.