CLASS 2nd Edition Intro to Interactions for Educators

Get Educators Excited about CLASS® Interactions!

Discover What CLASS® is Really About!

During this training, educators will:

  • Explore the CLASS tool and how it boosts quality improvement
  • Dive into the CLASS observation process and learn what happens during an observation
  • Connect CLASS interactions to their daily practices


Children in a classroom

Put Interactions at the Center of Teaching

Throughout this training educators will:

  • Embrace the life-changing impact of interactions and practice planning for them in daily routines 
  • Explore new approaches to ensure every child experiences meaningful interactions with practical guidance from the Intro to Interactions workbook
  • See interactions in action with videos featuring real classrooms


A Training to Meet Your Organizational Needs

Experience Intro to Interactions for Educators with choices of a:

  • Facilitated online in-person training at your organization led by Teachstone
  • Self-paced online course
  • Facilitated online or in-person training led by a CLASS 2nd Edition Measurement Trainer in your organization

Across all experiences learners receive:

  • CLASS Pre-K–3rd Interactions Dimensions Guide
  • CLASS 2nd Edition Pre-K–3rd Intro to Interactions for Educators Participant Guide
  • 0.6 CEUs upon training completion

Ready to Have Your Educators Energized about CLASS® Interactions?