CLASS® Master Coaching

Advance your coaching practice and increase your efficiency and impact

Reach New Heights

Take your coaching practices and impact to new heights with CLASS Master Coaching. This comprehensive training program is designed to deepen even the most experienced coaches’ practice. Centered around 9 coaching competencies, this evidence-based program helps improve the quality of educator-child interactions by enhancing and strengthening the adult-adult interactions.

Coaches enrolled in this two-year program will:

  • Deepen their understanding of effective coaching through specific units of study that include trying and reflecting on the learned strategy
  • Develop and strengthen essential competencies that help drive effective adult-adult interactions
  • Receive individualized support and feedback to strengthen learning and outcomes
  • Earn 8.4 CEUs per year


Enrich Educators' CLASS Experience

CLASS Master Coaching supports coaches in strengthening their own coaching competencies through a structured approach to engaging the educators they serve in specific learning cycles.

The CLASS Master Coaching program is designed to:

  • Give coaches the structure to engage educators in effective learning cycles
  • Increase educator understanding and transfer to practice of effective interactions
  • Leverage data, a coaching framework, and quality resources to drive educator outcomes

Become a CLASS Master Coach

Even the most seasoned coach has opportunity for improvement. Coaches who want to increase their efficiency and impact and elevate their coaching skills will benefit from the 2-year CLASS Master Coaching program.

To enroll in CLASS Master Coaching, coaches need to: 

  • Hold an active class Observer Certification in all age levels in which they coach educators
  • Have an understanding of the CLASS framework and prior CLASS coaching experience
  • Be actively coaching at least one teacher

Within each year of CLASS Master Coaching, coaches can expect to:

  • Attend a 2-day in-person training and complete ongoing online learning modules
  • Complete video-based assignments to demonstrate coaching competencies
  • Engage in group and one-on-one support calls with the Teachstone specialist
  • Spend about 4-6 hours in total each month participating in the program



“CMC has provided me with tools and resources to become more intentional about my coaching approach. It has guided me in planning for my conferences and discussions with my teachers, and has given me strategies to address various coaching challenges. I am so thankful to have participated in the program and expand my competencies related to strength-based coaching.”

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