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Featured Partner: Sesame Workshop

Teachstone® and Sesame Workshop: Getting to the heart of great teaching. Together.



Educators play a critical role in children’s learning and development. That’s why Sesame Workshop has expanded their efforts to include caregivers and teachers in early childhood education settings and why they found an ideal partner in Teachstone.

Teachstone and Sesame Workshop have a lot in common: we’re dedicated to improving children’s long-term developmental success, steeped in rigorous academic research, and committed to producing high-quality learning experiences. There’s also strength in our differences: Sesame offers expertise in child development and strategies for meeting the learning needs of the individual child, while Teachstone brings expertise in teaching effectiveness and professional development solutions targeted to the individual teacher.

The result of the partnership is a content-rich, research-based professional development series in myTeachstone® that connects the essence of CLASS®—teacher-child interactions—with child-development concepts. By engaging in this co-produced educational experience, teachers will better understand how their interactions impact children’s learning and gain concrete strategies for improvement.


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