Banking Time

Nurture stronger educator-child relationships and promote positive behavior with Banking Time Investing in Relationships

Connecting with Every Child Made Easier

Factors such as absenteeism, racial or cultural differences, and other biases can make it difficult for teachers to form meaningful relationships with every child in their class. With Banking Time: Investing in Relationships, educators learn evidence-based strategies proven to form stronger relationships that can positively impact children’s development and learning. 

Banking Time: Investing in Relationships gives the resources and knowledge for educators to:

  • Plan and schedule short, intentional opportunities to connect individually with a child
  • Connect in fun, engaging, and meaningful ways with the child
  • Nurture and repair relationships with children in their care

Promote Positive Outcomes

Banking Time is an evidence-based strategy that promotes positive outcomes for children and teachers. Through effective implementation of the strategy, children and teachers form more meaningful and rewarding relationships.

The Banking Time strategy is proven to:

  • Decrease disruptive, challenging behaviors
  • Increase teacher engagement and empowerment
  • Lower children’s stress response and build confidence

Simplify A Powerful Intervention

Promoting children’s development and learning is made easier when the child feels welcomed, confident, and connected to others. Banking Time helps maximize the potential for every child, by making the time and space to invest in the positive relationships with the children who need it the most.

With Banking Time: Investing in Relationships educators will:

  • Get access to a video library showing effective uses of the strategy in real classrooms
  • Earn CEUs through the in-depth online or facilitated training courses available in English or Spanish
  • Receive a comprehensive teacher manual and calendar to make implementing the strategy easier than ever

Get Started with Banking Time

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