CLASS® Train-the-Trainer Affiliate Program

Build capacity to scale CLASS implementation

Build Internal Capacity

CLASS Train-the-Trainer Affiliate program is designed to support the scale of CLASS implementation within a large program or organization.

Having certified CLASS affiliate trainers enables organizations to:

  • Deliver their own CLASS Observation Trainings to create certified observers
  • Deliver CLASS introduction courses to enable shared readiness
  • Expand the impact and implementation of CLASS at their own pace

Scale CLASS Implementation

CLASS Train-the-Trainer Affiliate program is designed to support individuals who can scale CLASS implementation by creating shared foundational knowledge and training observers. The affiliate programs are designed to support specific age levels of CLASS: infant, toddler, pre-K, and K-3.

Participants in CLASS Train-the-Trainer Affiliate Program will:

  • Strengthen their in-depth knowledge of the CLASS tool
  • Learn practical strategies and develop critical training facilitation skills
  • Practice completing logistics and delivery of new content

Become a Certified CLASS Affiliate Trainer

Certified CLASS Affiliates Trainers expand the impact of CLASS across an organization. By delivering introductory courses and observation trainings, affiliates play a critical role in building and sustaining a CLASS implementation.

To be a Certified CLASS Affiliate Trainer, an individual needs to:

  • Hold an active observer certification within the desired age-level 
  • Complete the Affiliate training program 
  • Maintain an annual training agreement and recertify by passing an annual assessment

Once certified, a CLASS Affiliate Trainer receives:

  • Ongoing support and learning opportunities 
  • A library of resources to support effective training practices
  • Specific features in myTeachstone to schedule trainings and access participant data 
  • Exclusive access to the CLASS Affiliate community and resource villages

Ready to build capacity to scale implementation?

Learn more about the CLASS Train-the-Trainer program.