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Join us as we empower great teaching at the InterAct CLASS Summit in Nashville, TN, from April 15-16. You won't want to miss these two days of interactive sessions on coaching, systems-building, equity, the CLASS journey, and more. Check out the sessions and keynotes you'll be able to attend at the conference!
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Will You Be Using CLASS in Your Preschool Development Grant (PDG) Work?

Whether you know you will be using CLASS in your PDG work or you’re new to CLASS and considering it, we are here to help. Reach out to us to hear the latest about the most effective practices for gathering accurate and actionable data on the quality of teacher-child interactions systemwide, as well as proven methods for supporting improvement. We can also share with you the ways that other states have implemented CLASS to improve classroom interactions.

Here are some helpful resources to get you started:
Teachstone CLASS System Overview
Research on Outcomes

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NC CCR&R Institute
March 12
Greensboro, NC

Clearwater Beach Regional Training
March 19-22
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Why Instructional Support Matters Webinar
March 20

Build Institutional Excellence in the Classroom

CLASS® is a research-based method of measuring, evaluating, and improving teacher-student interactions.
Over 150 studies confirm CLASS works. Children in classrooms with higher CLASS scores have better social, emotional, and academic outcomes.
The CLASS methodology is backed by decades of academic research and over 200,000 teachers have been observed by certified CLASS observers. Teachstone® has worked with organizations in 34 states to create a culture of excellence that impacts students, staff, and communities.
Teachstone’s interactive trainings bring CLASS to life for teachers, coaches, and observers. Our online tools and exercises use intuitive technology to help you measure data, provide coaching, and, ultimately, improve teacher-student interactions.

The CLASS Journey

The Teachstone-enabled path to excellence for your classrooms
Establish Baseline CLASS Stage 1
In CLASS Stage 1, certified observers use myTeachstone to establish a baseline assessment of classroom quality, comply with Head Start or state-level reporting requirements, and identify areas for focused professional development.
Develop Proficiency CLASS Stage 2
CLASS Stage 2 uses myTeachstone, hosted trainings, and coach certifications to address individual teacher development needs, and builds the foundation for impactful performance in the classroom.
Sustain Mastery CLASS Stage 3
CLASS Stage 3 builds institutional capabilities necessary for implementing CLASS professional development across an entire teacher population and supports ongoing engagement from certified coaches and trainers within an organization.

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