CLASS® 2nd Edition Observer Transition Training

Learn about the enhancements and feel confident observing with CLASS 2nd Edition

Experience the Enhancements

CLASS 2nd Edition brings forward years of innovation and feedback to make continuously improving educator-child interactions easier and more effective than ever. In this virtual facilitated half-day training, participants will be introduced to those enhancements by a Teachstone CLASS Specialist.

In CLASS 2nd Edition Observer Transition Training, observers will:

  • Explore the changes made to the CLASS tool that support observation practices across diverse settings
  • Learn new strategies to continue reducing observer bias
  • Practice scoring interactions using the enhanced strategies and CLASS 2nd Edition Score Sheets
  • Receive a CLASS 2nd Edition Manual Set, Score Sheets, Participant Guide, and a CLASS 2nd Edition Crosswalk

Use CLASS to its Fullest Potential

To support all observers in understanding and best leveraging the new enhancements, all currently certified observers have access to an on-demand overview that introduces CLASS 2nd Edition. While content across the on-demand and this virtually facilitated training are similar, the facilitated training provides additional support to use CLASS 2nd Edition to its fullest potential.

Participants in the facilitated CLASS 2nd Edition Observer Training Training will:

  • Engage and learn from a Teachstone CLASS Specialist and other observers enrolled in the training
  • Receive a set of printed and digital resources to strengthen understanding of CLASS 2nd Edition
  • Benefit from exclusive domain specific activities focused on building skills in effectively measuring interactions


Support Your Observers in Transitioning to CLASS 2nd Edition

Bring a transition training to your program today.