CLASS® 2nd Edition Overview for Educators

Increase confidence and orient educators to the benefits of observations with CLASS® 2nd Edition

Set your Educators up for Success

Building educator buy-in to the importance of interactions and the value of observations is critical for CLASS implementation success. CLASS 2nd Edition Overview for Educators offers an introduction to the enhancements of CLASS 2nd Edition, and prepares educators for being observed.

Through this 2-hour virtually facilitated training, educators will:

  • Identify the importance of effective interactions and the role of CLASS observations in improving child outcomes
  • Learn how the CLASS 2nd Edition enhancements support equitable observations and better reflect daily realities
  • Practice recognizing and planning opportunities for meaningful interactions across classroom experiences

Strengthen Understanding of CLASS

CLASS 2nd Edition Overview for Educators provides engaging content and effective activities to support educators’ understanding of CLASS and meaningful interactions. Carefully designed facilitated learning experiences will create educator confidence and comfort in being observed on the CLASS 2nd Edition tool.

Participants of CLASS 2nd Edition Overview for Educators will:

Support your Teachers in the Transition to CLASS 2nd Edition

Bring this educator overview training to your program today.