While COVID-19 has brought restrictions on travel and group gatherings, we are committed to supporting you in improving interactions, regardless of the circumstance. These live, facilitated online training alternatives to our in-person sessions let you continue your CLASS work at a distance.

Find the Virtual Training That's Right for You

Whether you’re looking to help your teachers understand CLASS, develop CLASS observers for your organization, train coaches, or improve existing CLASS skills, we have virtual training options for you. Including:

  • A CLASS Primer for Teachers
  • CLASS Observation Training
  • CLASS Group Coaching (MMCI)
  • CLASS 1-on-1 Video Coaching (MTP)
  • Coaching with myTeachstone

And many more.

Need help choosing the right training for your organization? We can help!

Why Train Virtually?

While travel and group sessions can be a challenge, Virtual CLASS Trainings allow your organization to continue improving at a distance.
AFFORDABLE Save on training and travel costs

Receive the same CLASS content you would from an in-person training but at a discounted price and with no travel costs.

CONVENIENT Train from your home

Access virtual trainings from the comfort of your home or workplace using a computer or tablet. Don't worry, we won't judge if you train in your pajamas.

INTERACTIVE Led by our team of CLASS experts

Trainings are facilitated by expert CLASS trainers. Break out rooms for small group discussions, a monitored chat box, and group polling ensure high levels of interaction. And, tech support is on hand to support every training in case you have any complications.

Interested in Scheduling a Virtual Training?

Contact us today or give us a call at 877-401-8007 for help scheduling virtual CLASS training for your organization.