Measure Interactions to Make Data-Driven Decisions

Create a sustainable system that drives data-informed improvement

Identify needs for success.

Collect CLASS data that measures educator-child interactions in your organization to guide continuous improvement. Build your program’s capacity to observe interactions, collect reliable data, and use data to drive individual and collective improvement.

Build observer capacity.

Observe and collect measurement data.

Streamline the observation and data collection process with myTeachstone’s digital and innovative features that:

  • Reduce time and paperwork typically associated with assessment processes
  • Capture all observation notes, scores, and data
  • Generate comprehensive reports on program and classroom quality

Maintain data confidence.

Ensure your program’s trained observers are collecting valid, and reliable CLASS data on an ongoing basis with tools to:

Improve interactions, improve child-outcomes.

There is a reason CLASS is the leader in quality improvement systems, and is the Office of Head Start’s chosen quality assessment tool — it works.

Explore myTeachstone - Your Data, Reporting, and PD Platform

Simplify your program’s observing, learning, coaching, and engagement practices. In this webinar, discover how myTeachstone can be used to create a full-circle CLASS data system.

Maximize the potential for every child.

Focus, measure and improve interactions — a key factor that drives children’s academic and life-long success.