Improve Interactions with Tailored Professional Development

Drive continuous development and improvement efforts

Make strides towards success.

Use CLASS data to create tailored professional development and coaching opportunities that help teachers improve their teaching practices. Leverage reports to identify needs and provide learning opportunities with myTeachstone, build coaching capacity to drive improvements, and offer unique professional development opportunities.

Create a professional development plan.

Generate CLASS data reports and leverage the 1,000+ resources of myTeachstone to:

  • Build an effective data-driven coaching and professional development program
  • Engage your entire organization in shared learning
  • Offer independent learning activities
group coaching

Build coaching capacity.

Expand quality improvement efforts and improve classroom interactions by training and certifying coaches to:

  • Understand how to effectively coach on CLASS
  • Strengthen teaching proficiency in the CLASS methodology
  • Provide specific and actionable CLASS-based feedback
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Provide meaningful professional development.

Use CLASS data, coaching observations and notes, and program-level trends to identify professional development that will:

  • Meet the needs of each individual educator
  • Strengthen educator-child interactions
  • Lead to positive program-level changes and more impactful outcomes

Improve interactions, improve child-outcomes.

There is a reason CLASS is the leader in continuous improvement systems, and is the Office of Head Start’s chosen quality assessment tool —it works.

Maximize the potential for every child.

Focus, measure, and improve classroom interactions—a key factor that drives children’s academic and life-long success.