Interactions at the Heart of Healing

Trauma-Informed CLASS® Interactions So Every Child Thrives

Learn at Your Own Pace

This 6-hour self-paced online training focuses on the importance of interactions to support children, families, and educators. Participants will learn about trauma, its impact on learning and development, and trauma-informed care strategies. This on-demand training is available in English or Spanish.

Educators completing the Interactions at the Heart of Healing Course will:

  • Learn concepts and vocabulary that will cultivate their understanding of what it means to be a trauma-informed educator.

  • Develop strategies to help them interact with children in ways that are trauma-informed.

  • Discover strategies for interacting with families that help them better understand children’s experience and position them to support healing.

  • Explore self-care strategies to care for themselves to help them show up as a consistent warm and structured relationship for children.

Enhance Learning with a Transfer-to-Practice Workshop

Strengthen your organization’s learning and understanding of trauma-informed care, by adding on a Transfer-to-Practice Workshop. Available as a supplement to the online learning series, this live workshop will support the transfer to practice of trauma-informed care concepts. Participants benefit from the opportunity to hear from a Teachstone CLASS Expert, engage in discussion, reflect on individual practices, and plan for application of newly learned strategies.

The Transfer-to-Practice Workshop is virtually facilitated and available in English or in Spanish.

Bring a Live Training to your Organization

Prefer live instruction? Provide your educators an engaging one-day virtual group training, rooted in the same principles of the online series.

This one day training is virtually facilitated by a Teachstone CLASS Specialist and available in English or in Spanish.

Start Learning Trauma-Informed Strategies through a Free Webinar Series

Explore an on-demand series of conversations with the same thought-leaders in the trauma-informed space who contributed to the Interactions at the Heart of Healing training.

Get Interactions at the Heart of Healing Trainings for Your Organization

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