Bridging the Literacy Gap

Increase literacy skills through meaningful interactions

It’s no secret that the pandemic impacted early literacy, and we know literacy skills are the foundation for future success. And it is within the power of educator-child interactions that we can bridge the literacy gap in our youngest learners. Recent research shows that when teachers create warm, supportive environments (Emotional Support), effectively manage classrooms (Classroom Organization), and provide engaging instruction (Instructional Support), children’s language and literacy skills soar. It’s not just about reading books; it’s about fostering a love for language, boosting phonological awareness, and building strong vocabulary. 

Bridging The Literacy Gap, One Interaction At A Time

Pre-K-K Literacy Support Kit

Make interactions that support literacy enjoyable for teachers and children through high-quality materials! Don't forget the Transfer to Practice Webinar that helps walk you through how to utilize the materials effectively in the classroom.
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Instructional Support Essentials for Teachers

Dive deep into the Instructional Support Domain and help educators understand the interactions vital in building literacy skills. This interactive training will energize educators to tackle any literacy challenges they face in their classrooms through the power of interactions.
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Instructional Support Strategies

Equip coaches to deeply understand the Instructional Support domain so they can provide meaningful and strategic feedback to educators that help them succeed.
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Custom Events by Teachstone

Energize your educators and create a personalized learning series that give them practical strategies for building literacy skills in the classroom through interactions. These 45-60 online facilitated sessions are designed to fit into any busy schedule and give practical and applicable strategies for improving interactions in the classroom.
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Resources to Help You Bridge the Literacy Gap

Jumpstart Literacy Learning with the Power of CLASS®

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