CLASS® 2nd Edition for Administrators

Take a Closer Look at CLASS® 2nd Edition

Learn more about what these exciting enhancements can mean for you, your program, and the children and families you serve.

Same proven system, greater impact.

CLASS 2nd Edition brings forward exciting enhancements while protecting the core structure of CLASS, allowing educational leaders to build on existing investments and systems while leveraging new updates to increase impact.

A more equitable measure of quality

We conducted a thorough, intentional review of CLASS and made comprehensive updates to the CLASS measurement suite, incorporating insights learned over the last 15 years and feedback from the field. With CLASS 2nd Edition, observation and measurement tools better reflect and support the diverse communities you serve.

CLASS 2nd Edition has enhancements to:

  • Increase representation throughout the Manuals and Observation Trainings by including more diverse examples, videos, and cultural/setting considerations.
  • Support bias recognition and reduction in CLASS observations.
  • Make definitions of meaningful interactions more equitable, inclusive, and accurate across various cultures, languages, and settings.
Increase Access

Increased access and ease of implementation

CLASS 2nd Edition offers new, flexible formats and enhancements to ensure the proven power of interactions is more accessible and that CLASS implementation is easier and more effective.

Enhancements made to CLASS 2nd Edition:

  • Reduce certification burdens and cost by combining the Pre-K, Transitional K, and K-3rd age levels into one manual and one observation training.
  • Make implementation easier with a reformatted manual, and a new CLASS Observation Field Guide.
  • Allow access to the research, theory, and application publicly and widely available in the new CLASS Reference Manual.
Measure for Impact

A stronger Continuous Quality Improvement system

CLASS has been proven to increase and improve quality, especially at scale. And now, with CLASS 2nd Edition, the opportunity to drive CQI is only strengthened.

CLASS 2nd Edition offers new enhancements that:

  • Expand measures of quality with new Activity Setting items that capture the content and setting of learning experiences, and CLASS Environment that illustrates the role of the physical environment on meaningful interactions.
  • Provide guidance and support to use CLASS effectively within a CQI system that focuses on the experiences and interactions that matter the most.
  • Collect more insightful data and scoring insights to drive more meaningful, and actionable conversations and improvement efforts.

Continue to help each and every child reach their full potential.

The core foundation of CLASS and the focus on interactions is not changing. Continue using CLASS in your program to focus, measure, and improve interactions. We will share additional updates and supports to help your program strength interactions and understand the changes coming in the 2nd Edition.