Same focus, greater impact.

CLASS 2nd Edition brings forward exciting enhancements while protecting the core structure of CLASS. New updates to the CLASS measurement suite give coaches more actionable insights that further increase impact and ability to support improvements.

A more equitable measure of quality

We conducted a thorough, intentional review of CLASS and made comprehensive updates to the CLASS measurement suite, incorporating insights learned over the last 15 years and feedback from the field.

CLASS 2nd Edition has enhancements to:

  • Increase representation throughout the Manuals and Observation Trainings by including more diverse examples, videos, and cultural/setting considerations.
  • Support bias recognition and reduction in CLASS observations.
  • Make definitions of meaningful interactions more equitable, inclusive, and accurate across various cultures, languages, and settings.
Increase Access

Better understanding of unique contexts

With intentional enhancements, CLASS 2nd Edition helps educators and observers better understand how interactions should look and sound different across various contexts.

With CLASS 2nd Edition, coaches can:

  • Learn how to leverage interactions across settings, such as in classrooms with dual language learners, or children with disabilities.
  • Feel confident that the CLASS tool represents their specific contexts, unique classroom compositions, cultures, and experiences.
  • Easily access the theory, research, and definitions of quality interactions.
Measure for Impact

Insights for more tailored coaching

Enhancements and new updates to CLASS 2nd Edition help ensure the collection of more specific and actionable data insights that can effectively be used to drive differentiated coaching and improvement efforts.

CLASS 2nd Edition offers new enhancements that:

  • Capture the content and setting of learning experiences, as well as the quality and role of the physical learning environment.
  • Formalize scoring at the indicator level to give more specific insights into the specific behaviors and skills that can drive meaningful interactions.
  • Provide guidance and support to use CLASS effectively within a continuous quality improvement (CQI) system that focuses on the experiences and interactions that matter the most.

Continue Making an Impact

While the CLASS tool is getting exciting updates, the core fundamentals and focus on interactions is not changing. Continue using CLASS to drive effective coaching and improvement efforts. To learn more, join us for an overview webinar or reach out with any questions!