CLASS® Foundations for Teachers

Increase quality of educator-child interactions and Improve teaching practices.

Pre-K CLASS Primer for Teachers Course

In the CLASS Primer course, Pre-K teachers will learn about the importance of their interactions with children and the impact they have on a child’s development. Teachers who complete this course will leave with an understanding of what CLASS is and how it applies to their teaching practices. They’ll also understand the CLASS domains and be able to classify interactions into the appropriate domains.

A Pre-K CLASS Primer for Teachers is the perfect starting point for any Pre-K teacher new to CLASS. (3 hrs, 0.3 CEUs)


Emotional Support for Pre-K Teachers Course

Emotional Support refers to specific teaching behaviors that help children develop warm, supportive relationships, experience enjoyment and excitement about learning, feel comfortable in the classroom, and experience appropriate levels of autonomy or independence.

This course will help educators understand how Emotional Support can help them support the social and emotional needs of the children in their care by creating a warm and welcoming environment for learning. (6 hrs, 0.6 CEUs)


Classroom Organization for Pre-K Teachers Course

Classroom Organization describes specific teaching behaviors that help children develop skills to regulate their own behavior, get the most learning out of each day, and maintain interest in learning activities.

This course will help educators understand how Classroom Organization can help mitigate behavioral challenges and maximize learning time by creating an organized setting for children. (6 hrs, 0.6 CEUs)


Instructional Support for Pre-K Teachers Course

Learners will better understand each dimension of the Instructional Support Domain and reflect on how you can bring focus and intention to your teacher-child interactions throughout the day.

This course will help educators understand how Instructional Support can support learning during any activity by challenging children to learn and extending learning opportunities. (6 hrs, 0.6 CEUs)


Make the most of your CLASS Foundations Courses

Increase engagement and strengthen learning outcomes with Pre-K CLASS Foundations for Teachers Facilitation Supplements. Available for the entire Pre-K CLASS Foundations program or for each individual course, these comprehensive guides provide the support for any leader to facilitate meaningful discussion and deepen participants’ learning, engagement, and ability to transfer learnings to practice.

A Flexible Way to Build the Foundation

Teachers' schedules are hectic and demanding. That's why CLASS Foundations for Teachers was built to be flexible. Help your teachers build their understanding of CLASS on their own time, at their own pace, and from any device. And, with the option to purchase individual courses, or the complete set, CLASS Foundations offers an affordable, and scalable way to build foundational CLASS knowledge within organizations.
Customizable Mix and match courses
Choose from 4 different CLASS courses to suit your teachers' learning needs!
Convenient Fit CLASS Into a busy schedule
Learn about CLASS through online, self-guided courses accessible by computer, tablet, or phone.
Engaging Reflect on your classroom practice
Build CLASS knowledge through engaging activities, video, written content, and more.

Who Can Use CLASS Foundations for Teachers?

Organizations – Help your teachers understand how CLASS works and how it benefits them in the classroom. These courses are perfect for teachers who are completely new to CLASS, need a refresher on the tool, or teachers who are participating in CLASS professional development.

Teachers – Are you being observed and want to understand the basics of the CLASS tool? Or are you interested in taking a deeper dive with a specific CLASS domain? These courses can be purchased individually by teachers who want to expand their CLASS knowledge!

Interested in CLASS Foundations for Teachers for your organization?

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