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CLASS Dictionary

The CLASS Dictionary defines and gives examples of every CLASS term you need to know. For Infant, Toddler, and Pre-K teachers, this portable flip-book makes the language of CLASS clear and easy.
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CLASS Dimensions Guides

The CLASS Dimensions Guide is a foundation for Teachstone's CLASS-based programs, reminding educators how effective interactions are organized and how they impact learning. Teachers will find it easy to use, and coaches will find it a helpful reference as they provide feedback to their teachers.
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Pre-K–3rd Interactions Dimensions Guide

Strengthen educators' understanding and practice of CLASS with our easy-to-use guide. Compatible with CLASS 2008 and CLASS 2nd Edition, this is your must-have guide to equitable, meaningful interactions in the learning setting.
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CLASS Manuals

This is the essential reference for CLASS observations. Use it along with CLASS Observation Training and CLASS Certification to ensure you’re using the CLASS measure fairly and accurately.
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CLASS® Observation Score Sheets

Each booklet contains six observation sheets and one scoring summary sheet for recording notes and scores. Available in packs of 5 booklets for a total of 30 observation sheets.
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CLASS® Strategy Cards

CLASS® Strategy Cards provide an easy way for teachers to integrate CLASS strategies into their day. These cards provide new ways to interact effectively in your infant, toddler, pre-K, and K-3 classrooms.
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CLASS® Support Kits

CLASS® Support Kits are carefully designed to provide quality materials and comprehensive guidance to make harnessing the proven power of interactions easier than ever before.
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