How to Prepare and Develop Your Teachers

All offerings are available for Infant, Toddler and Pre-K age levels unless otherwise noted.
Build a basic understanding of CLASS to prepare your teachers for their professional development. This training provides a basic understanding of the CLASS methodology, why it is important and how it can benefit them. Teachers will acquire the tools they need to begin improving their interactions with students.
Increase teacher skill and understanding of effective Instructional Support (IS) and why it matters. The course builds knowledge of IS dimensions and indicators, allowing teachers to develop a lens to identify effective interactions and apply this lens to their own teaching practices. (Available for Pre-K only)
Teachstone's CDA with CLASS is a comprehensive program which prepares educators to successfully earn the Child Development Associate (CDA) credential. This program builds CLASS understanding and skills for improved interactions between teachers and children.
The Council requires current CDA holders to renew their credential every three years to ensure the quality of care and education provided to our youngest children. For this purpose, we offer the CDA with CLASS Renewal program which provides 45 hours of reading, interactive learning and assessment. The learning experience is flexible and can meet the needs of those seeking continued educational training for the CDA or for professional development.

How To Build A Baseline of Knowledge Within Your Organization

Whether you use our network of CLASS-trained observers or train your own, we can help you. It’s important to gather baseline data for all education staff so you can individually target professional development and determine coaching needs. Both offerings are available for Infant, Toddler and Pre-K age levels.
Build internal capacity in your organization to collect reliable CLASS data—the essential first step in improving teaching quality. During this training, observers from your organization build in-depth knowledge of CLASS and prepare to observe teachers with the CLASS measure.
Teachstone Certified Observers
Need teacher CLASS data but don’t have the time, staff or resources to invest in building internal capacity? We will come to you with our expert CLASS Observers.

How to Develop And Equip Your Coaches

Teachstone offers coaching models that meet the Head Start Performance Standards, are grounded in teachers’ own teaching practices and are focused on improving the quality of teacher-child interactions.
Build strong relationships between coaches and teachers. This training focuses on using observation data to individualize teacher feedback. The myTeachstone platform allows coaches to stay in contact with their teachers, facilitate online group discussions, and individualize professional development resources.
Create highly effective CLASS coaches to deliver group coaching to your teachers. The structured group coaching model taught in CLASS Group Coaching (MMCI) training immerses teachers in CLASS professional development that's been proven to positively impact teaching behaviors. Your in-house CLASS coach(es) deliver this face-to-face program to teachers to develop awareness and enact change in the classroom.
Support teacher improvement with 1-on-1 coaching support. CLASS 1-on-1 Video Coaching (MTP) trains and develops highly effective CLASS coaches who support teacher improvement with intensive 1-on-1 support. The program supports instructional leaders as they partner with teachers in ongoing, collaborative relationships where they examine, through video footage, their day-to-day interactions with children.
Prepare coaches to give meaningful feedback to their teachers. In CLASS Feedback Strategies, coaches learn how to translate CLASS observation data into effective feedback, how to plan for conferences and how to promote teacher understanding of the CLASS tool. (Available for Pre-K only)