Family Child Care & CLASS®

Family Child Care is a vital part of the system of early education and care. Teachstone is committed to supporting family child care providers to ensure that all children are exposed to effective interactions that promote learning and development.

Guidance Resources

Observing in FCC Settings - Job Aid

Teachstone's job aid provides observers additional information about how to prepare for and conduct CLASS observations in family child care (FCC) settings.
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Webinar Recording: How to Best Use CLASS® in Family Child Care

Learn about the impact of COVID-19 on FCC programs, how to observe mixed-age settings, and general considerations for using CLASS in an FCC.
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Considerations for Observing in FCC

Observing in Family Child Care homes presents a unique set of challenges. This document to be covers topics such as general guidance for observing in family child care homes, selecting which age level of the CLASS tool to use in mixed-age settings, the number of children who must be present in order to start the observation, and what to do when children go down for naps.
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Sample Observation Protocol for FCC

Presents an overview of the information that should be included in a protocol for conducting CLASS observations in family child care (FCC). This document is meant to serve as a guide to organizations that are developing a protocol for observing in this unique setting.
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Case Studies

Learn how two counties in California used myTeachstone to support family child care providers.

Blog Posts

Family Child Care: The Impact of CLASS®

Learn about two new case studies that discuss how to use myTeachstone in family child care settings

FCC Challenge: Establishing Coding Consistency in Inconsistent Settings

Explore a challenge observers often face in FCC settings: what to do when you arrive at a family child care home and there are only a couple of children there.

FCC Challenge: Maintaining Objectivity

Explore a challenge for observers in family child care settings—maintaining objectivity.

FCC Challenge: Coding with Multiple Adults Present

Explore a challenge CLASS observers face while using the measure in a family child care setting: coding when there are multiple adults.

Teacher Spotlight

We recently asked our CLASS Community to nominate a family child care provider they thought deserved to be in the spotlight. We had so many lovely stories and nominations of teachers whose high-quality classroom interactions are making a difference in the lives of the children they cared for., Our winner was Vicki Schumm from Fargo, ND. Vicki is the owner, teacher, and everything else at Vicki's Childcare, her family child care program she has run from her home since 2010.