myTeachstone CLASS® Subscription

Move beyond measurement and Drive Continuous Improvement – Anytime, Anywhere

Make Your CLASS® Data More Actionable

Elevate your CLASS® data strategy with a subscription to myTeachstone. Gain actionable insights, seamless accessibility, and integrated improvement initiatives to drive tangible outcomes so every child experiences life-changing interactions!
Data at Your Fingertips Generate reports to track implementation and drive improvement efforts.
Insight to Individualize Access custom reports and tools to facilitate individualized and engaging sessions.
In the Moment Support Engage in professional learning on your schedule and see exemplars of best practices in action, in real classrooms.
An All-In-One Platform Collect data and assign data-driven learning all from the same easy-to-use platform.

Save Time on CLASS Observation Practices

Capture data and easily create consistent and quality data reports that drive quality improvement initiatives. With a myTeachstone CLASS® subscription, data collection and reporting is streamlined into one easy-to-use platform that saves times, enables continuous monitoring, and drives data-informed learning.

myTeachstone CLASS® subscription gives access to an Observation & Data Module that enables you to:

  • Make observation notes, quickly assign CLASS scores at the indicator level, and submit observation data
  • Connect data to outside systems through an API integration
  • Have meaningful data at your fingertips, making it easy to monitor quality and improvement efforts
  • Save time and reduce manual efforts by leveraging digital features to collect notes, score interactions, and generate CLASS data reports
  • Generate exclusive reports that identify data-driven areas of strengths and opportunities, as well as customized feedback

Promote Data-Driven Coaching and Learning

Support educator growth by providing data-driven, individualized professional development learning opportunities. With a myTeachstone CLASS® subscription, educators and coaches can access on-demand learning experiences from a growing library of resources, videos, and courses that support building best practices.

myTeachstone CLASS® subscription gives access to a Learning Resources Module that enables you to:

  • Assign and track professional development learning experiences to an individual or group of educators
  • Leverage measurement data to identify and connect learning experiences to specific areas of growth
  • Create professional learning communities (PLC) and promote ongoing discussions and facilitated learnings
  • See examples of effective interactions from videos featuring real classroom settings
[I learned] how to engage an infant or toddler and how much of what I naturally do with the children [is] needed for their development...
I have loved the interactivity and I love doing this electronically. I feel like I’ve grown as a leader and as a coach.

Your CLASS data needs a strategy.

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