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Build and maintain a strong workforce that leverages the proven power of meaningful interactions.

Building and maintaining a thriving workforce can feel like an uphill battle when priorities are scattered throughout your program. Take a moment to imagine a workforce where every educator shares the same priority and works together to achieve a common goal. It is in this type of unity where success thrives. The key to achieving unity in your program is through the proven power of interactions, and CLASS® can help lead you there.

CLASS® is a system designed to help you focus on the interactions that matter most for positive child-outcomes and enables you to measure and improve the quality of educator-child interactions. But the most exciting part is that the same interactions that help children grow and develop also make a positive impact on educators too through Parallel Process.

By adopting CLASS® as a culture you can start to take steps to build unity within your program to ensure every child and educator thrives!

Fuel Passion for CLASS & Transform Your Workforce


Help teachers complete the required learning hours to apply for the CDA credential. Learners will discover what effective teaching practices are alongside how CLASS® interactions ensure every child thrives.
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Pre-K—3rd Interactions Dimensions Guide

Build educator confidence in what meaningful interactions look and sound like in the classroom through an easy-to-use guide. Keeping interactions at their fingertips allows teachers to reference back when they have a short break!
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Give New Educators the Power of CLASS

CLASS Primer for Teachers

Introduce new educators to CLASS® and build a shared understanding throughout your organization. This facilitated training or self-paced online course is designed to build community and energy around your CLASS® implementation.
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Custom Events by Teachstone

Quickly onboard new educators and create a personalized learning series that introduces them to the power of meaningful educator-child interactions. These 45-60 online facilitated sessions are designed to fit into any busy schedule and give practical and applicable strategies for improving interactions in the classroom.
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CLASS Dictionary and Strategy Cards

Set your new educators up for success by giving them easy-to-use tools that help them understand CLASS interactions and how to implement them in the classroom. The materials are durable and fit perfectly in any workbag to pull out and use as a refresher!
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Resources to Help You Navigate Workforce Challenges


Building a CLASS Culture

In this episode, you’ll hear from Dr. Mike Jacobs, Principal at Apple Tree Early Learning. He’s made building a culture of CLASS a...
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