CLASS® Expertise Begins Here

Teachstone® is here to help every Pennsylvania program measure and improve teaching quality.

We believe every child deserves life-changing teachers.  Teachstone is committed to supporting Pennsylvania programs through our work to ensure all children experience effective interactions with their teachers – the very interactions that are proven to drive positive development and learning.

Teachstone is the certifying organization of the CLASS and was founded by the co-authors of the tool. Our mission is to ensure that every child gets to experience the most effective teachers.  We have worked with organizations across the world and will put that experience to work to assist you in implementing CLASS observation in your own program.

Your program can elect to use CLASS as a tool to inform its CQI in Keystone STARS and the information provided below can aid in your consideration of CLASS for this purpose.  Should you have questions, please contact your local ELRC for guidance.

CLASS® Measurement and Improvement

To improve the quality of teaching you must be able to measure it along the way.  Through observation of teachers in the classroom, the CLASS assessment provides an accurate gauge of instructional capabilities and informs targeted professional development to help teachers improve their classroom practice.

The myTeachstone® platform provides extensive reporting capabilities that help ensure that everyone in the system – teachers, administrators and coaches – have access to the data they need to make decisions and improve teaching practice.


Get Started!

To get started using CLASS in Keystone STARS, please reach out to your ELRC.