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Free on-demand webinar discussing opportunities to use stimulus funding to rebuild and restabilize the educational system in high-quality and equitable ways.


The foundations for language and literacy success are built in the early years. Our newest research summary details the links between the Pre-K CLASS® tool and children’s language and literacy outcomes. Read the key takeaways from this research summary.


CLASS® observations have been a crucial component in operationalizing Louisiana’s vision for unified early childhood systems and the data are used by decision-makers at the site, system, and state level. The COVID-19 pandemic has required reconsidering how to conduct observations as well as how to use the data collected from observations. Learn how Louisiana has continued to use the CLASS® tool to maintain a focus on quality interactions in the midst of COVID-19 while also responding to the complexities presented by the pandemic.


The educational landscape has been transformed over the last year. As you write your reopening plan, prepare to return, or are currently already supporting in-person learning, there are still likely many challenges and unknowns to overcome. This webinar will highlight some key considerations that can help to navigate this unprecedented time, and solution sets that will support you and your program in overcoming these unique challenges.

Case Study

Dallas ISD’s thoughtful, thorough, and data-informed implementation of CLASS® creates benefits that reverberate from pre-K through early elementary and beyond.


Whether you are writing your transition plan, preparing to return, or have already returned to in-person learning, you, like many other educational leaders, are likely facing many challenges and unknowns. Watch this panel discussion and hear from educational leaders across the nation on how they view their role in reopening and the considerations driving their plans.


Learn ways in which teachers can draw on what we know about effective interactions to best support dual language learners during remote learning and as children return to school.


Learn about the benefits of, challenges to, and strategies for effective interactions among the adults involved in the education of students with learning differences.


Explore the impact of COVID-19 on FCC programs, how to observe mixed-age settings, and general considerations for using CLASS in an FCC program.


Learn new solutions to help your teachers get the on-demand and distanced professional development support they need.


Learn practical, research-based strategies to promote equitable teaching so that every child can experience life-changing teaching interactions.

Info Sheet

Pre-K, K-3: Worksheets to give educators ideas on how to deliver meaningful interactions in socially distanced or virtual settings. Available in English and Spanish.