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A research study from Southern Methodist University (SMU) that discusses the positive effects of high quality classrooms in Pre-K, Kindergarten, and 1st grade.


This crosswalk addresses the common features between Tools of the Mind and Pre-K CLASS. It also highlights differences and areas where both tools align with each other in the classroom.

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The Classroom Assessment Scoring System® (CLASS®) is used to improve quality in early care and education settings across the country. Find out more by reading this short overview.

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Download our training calendar to start building your 2019 CLASS schedule today.

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Your most frequently asked questions about being observed!


Opposite thinking can open up possibilities, break through mental blocks, and pull the rug out from under false assumptions.


Chic Thompson's engaging and motivating keynote address will take you on a journey through the steps of strategic curiosity to help you create, communicate, and implement big ideas.


Bob Pianta and Jon Stowe discuss research takeaways and new products, including the new mobile platform, CLASS Dictionary and Strategy Cards, and the launch of CDA with CLASS.


This video provides information on CLASS scores from a wide variety of programs from local and state organizations across the U.S.


Tim Garcia, shares about Early Learning Ventures, a Colorado-based nonprofit organization and Early Head Start–Child Care Partnership (EHS–CCP) grantee.

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Learn how Coaching with myTeachstone can help your organization.

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Learn how Boulder implemented CLASS and how they use it as a professional development tool