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Learn about the key features in the CDA with CLASS®, a program designed to support organizations in building a strong workforce, and to support individuals in continuing their education. Register for this product demonstration today.

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Children whose caregivers are involved in their education are more likely to succeed, have more confidence in their knowledge, and have more motivation to learn. So, how can educators foster more family engagement? Download this info sheet to get more tips to implement in your program.

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Burnout is at a whole new level within the last couple of years. Anyone who is a stakeholder feels certain levels of burnout, and there isn’t a magic cure or quick fix, so be empathetic towards yourself, this isn’t always easy. Get tips for handling burnout individually, or in supporting educators in your program.

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How comfortable are you with following children's lead while planning out your lessons? In this episode of Teaching with CLASS, Devyn Thomas, a home-based child care provider offers her tips that any educator can use to be more flexible.

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How can we be intentional about our reflecting and thinking in the classroom? Download the show notes and key takeaways from an episode of Teaching with CLASS.

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In this guide from an episode of Teaching with CLASS, our guest Michelle Gallindo discusses "Challenging" behavior and some strategies of how to appropriately respond and maintain composure.

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Learn how to support toddlers with strong emotions, and suggest other ways to express themselves. Download the Show Notes and Key Takeaways from this episode of Teaching with CLASS.

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Dr. Lourdes Norman-McKay talked about how women and underrepresented groups often hold back in fear of making mistakes. Can you relate to this, or do you recognize this hesitancy in students you teach? Get the show notes and key takeaways from our Teaching with CLASS episode, Promoting Equity in Critical Thinking Skills.

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Get the show notes and key takeaways from our Teaching with CLASS episode where we discuss key strategies to help guide children to build empathy in the Infant, Toddler, and Preschool years.


Setting up a classroom for a new school year can be exciting! It’s hard not to get excited at the prospect of a fresh start. But that doesn’t mean you always know what’s best to do. How do you set up the classroom to facilitate a successful year?