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What topics in education deserve more attention? In this season opener, we're joined by Bridget Hamre, Teachstone CEO and CLASS® author, who sheds light on how educators can enrich their teaching practices to foster whole student development.


Join the only conference designed to help education leaders and coaches learn how to focus, measure, and improve educator-child interactions. Join us April 7-9, 2025 in New Orleans, Louisiana!


Join Teachstone's Erin Sabina and and Megin Ruston as they show you the only CDA powered by CLASS® and answer your questions.

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This episode dives into the world of special education, focusing on the importance of individualized interactions in the classroom. Today’s guest, Mary-Margaret Gardiner, shares her insights and experiences in working with special needs children.


Unravel the world of bilingual education with our special guest, Karen Nemef. Throughout this episode, Karen enlightens us on the power of bilingualism, offering a profound understanding of what it means to be a dual language learner and the importance of connecting with these children in their languages, regardless of their proficiency level.


In today’s episode, we explore the difficult topic of child trauma and challenging behaviors in the classroom. Dr. Johayra Bouza brings her rich insights and practical advice to address these pressing issues that have been amplified due to the pandemic and its associated social isolation.


La Dra. Johayra Bouza está aquí para hablar sobre trauma y estrategias para afrontar eventos de comportamiento desafiantes. También comparte cómo comunicarse con las familias para fomentar la aplicación de estas estrategias en casa.


En el episodio de hoy, Rommel Méndez habla de cómo la sensibilidad en el aula puede ser una herramienta para comprender mejor a tus alumnos y facilitar el proceso de adaptación de las lecciones, resultando en una mejor experiencia en el aula.