You are embarking on a journey to get your CDA credential.  We are thrilled to have you as a part of the program. A few things to note:

Eligibility Requirements

To enroll in the CDA with CLASS® you must:

  1. Be a full-time or part-time employee.
  2. Be actively employed on the program start dates and end dates.
  3. Complete all course work and pass your course(s) with a grade of C or better.

We will verify your KinderCare employment and available Education Assistance Dollars to confirm your enrollment. 

Program Details

  • CDA with CLASS includes three (3) sequential courses.
    • Course 1: Understanding Child Development
    • Course 2: Health, Safety, and Environment
    • Course 3: Application to Teaching and Learning
  • You must complete and pass each course in accordance with the course syllabus before beginning the next course in the program.
  • Each course has its own enrollment approval period to verify available Education Assistance Allotment and KinderCare eligibility.


What do I need for enrollment?

  • Your KinderCare Employee ID number
  • Your desired start date
  • Date of birth
  • Preferred age-level: Pre-K or Infant-Toddler
  • Valid credit card number*

*You will not be charged if you meet the eligibility requirements for enrollment. The charge will not exceed $500 per course.

During enrollment, you will also be asked to sign our Student Agreement.

Drop Period

You can cancel your enrollment and participation in CDA with CLASS® within 15 business days (weeks 13) of the start of Course One with no financial penalty. After that drop period, you are responsible for the prorated cost of tuition based on this schedule:

  • Week 4=$175
  • Week 5=$219
  • Week 6=$263
  • Week 7=$307
  • Week 8=$307
  • Week 9=$350

If you do not participate in the course after the third week, you will be automatically dropped from the course.

Getting Your Certificate

After you have completed all three courses, you are eligible to apply for your CDA certification from the Council of Professional Recognition.

After the successful completion of Course 3, you will have access to a Teachstone voucher that can be used as payment for your certification. You will have 45 days after the completion of the course to use this voucher for the cost of your CDA credential to be covered.

How to get a CDA certificate:

  1. Apply on the Council for Professional Recognition Website:
  2. Use your voucher for payment.
  3. Follow the Council’s steps to success!

Code of Conduct

When you participate in CDA with CLASS, you agree to meet Teachstone’s standards for online learning netiquette and discussion. These expectations ensure constructive, respectful discourse and promote a positive learning environment. Language that is offensive or derogatory or violates intellectual property is prohibited. If the Code of Conduct is violated, you may be removed from the course. The full Code of Conduct can be accessed within the courses.


Teachstone Training LLC reserves the right to suspend or terminate participation in the CDA with CLASS courses based on violations of these guidelines at the learners expense. Questions about CDA with CLASS can be directed to

Want more information on the CDA with CLASS?

Contact us via email at or 855-398-2275.