Authorized CLASS® Provider Program

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Authorized CLASS Provider Program

Authorized CLASS® Provider Program

Teachstone is increasing its nationwide impact with our new Authorized CLASS Provider Program. Trainers in the Teachstone Authorized CLASS Provider Program can offer training services outside of their organization, impact their local communities, and spread CLASS to others.

Due to COVID-19, we are unable to admit new applicants to the program. 

Authorized CLASS® Provider Program Directory

Explore our Authorized CLASS Provider Program Directory and find a Teachstone endorsed trainer to hire!
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Hiring an Authorized CLASS® Provider

Authorized CLASS Providers (ACP) are licensed trainers and coaches who provide training services to a broad network of clients. These providers are experienced CLASS experts who can help you:

  • Build CLASS foundational knowledge – You can hire an ACP to provide an introduction to CLASS, observation training, or CLASS Group Coaching (MMCI) training for your organization.
  • Accessibility – ACPs are located throughout the country in an effort to provide local experts to a range of communities. Authorized CLASS Providers are currently permitted to deliver in-person training, but are not permitted to deliver training virtually.
  • Cost – ACPs set their own rates for these training sessions. If you are interested in hiring an ACP in your area, please contact them to discuss their rates.
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Who are we looking for?

You’ll be a good fit for the program if you are an experienced CLASS trainer or CLASS Group Coaching coach or have other experience as a trainer in the education field and a willingness to earn the Affiliate CLASS Trainer certification and deliver training with exceptional quality.

The ideal candidate is:

  • a passionate CLASS advocate
  • wants to make CLASS training a significant part of their consulting business
  • lives in a region with unmet need for CLASS training
  • has a clear plan for how they’ll recruit participants.

The license carries an annual fee per age level. There is an application process for the Authorized Trainer Program and not everyone will be selected. Due to COVID-19, We are not currently onboarding for the program.

Become an Authorized CLASS Provider for Teachstone!

Due to COVID-19, we are not onboarding for the program at this time. If you are still interested in this opportunity to become an Authorized CLASS® Provider, please fill out this form and we will be in touch!