Supporting Interactions in Socially-Distanced or Virtual Classrooms

The learning setting may have changed, but interactions are still possible.
Distance learning from home on video conference call

Redefine What Meaningful Interactions Look Like in a Virtual or Distanced Settings

Interactions matter, now more than ever. Support your teachers’ ability to deliver great teaching in various settings, by leveraging the proven power of educator-child interactions.

In this half-day virtual training, learners will:

  • Strengthen their understanding of CLASS domains and research-based interactions
  • Understand the power of interactions and connections across different settings
  • Develop and share new perspectives on the power of interactions in engaging instruction

Explore Strategies to Foster Quality Interactions Across CLASS Domains

During the training session, participants will:

  • See effective interactions in real virtual and socially distanced classrooms
  • Discuss effective interactions for classroom organization, emotional support, and instructional support
  • Learn and brainstorm new strategies to positively interact with all children

Discover New Strategies for Effectively Interacting and Supporting Meaningful Learning

With support from a CLASS specialist facilitator, participants will:

  • Reflect on new concepts and strategies learned
  • Practice applying new strategies and planning for effective interactions
  • Receive guidance to effectively enhance CLASS-based interactions throughout the day

Empower Great Teaching with a Great Training

Real Classroom Videos
See examples of effective interactions in action in socially distanced and virtual classrooms
Practical Strategies and Support
Take new knowledge with you even once the training is over with downloadable resources
CLASS® Expert Facilitator
Engage in discussions and brainstorm with the CLASS certified training facilitator

Interactions Matter for Every Child.

Build confidence, empower great teaching, and discover effective strategies for today’s new normal. Bring Supporting Interactions in Socially-Distance and Virtual Classrooms training to your program today.