Building a Blueprint for Reopening

Build a plan with a focus on what matters most – meaningful, supportive interactions.

Whether you are writing your transition plan, preparing to return, or have already returned to in-person learning, you’re likely facing many challenges and unknowns.

But, even in an unprecedented time, here is what we do know. 

Quality teacher-child interactions matter. And now, in a time where you are returning to in-person learning after months away, they’re even more critical. 

Let’s partner to develop a plan that will support you, your staff, and your families in returning, re-opening, and re-building in ways that will drive success, support well-being, and promote a warm welcome — even if still from a distance.

Build warm classroom environments and support social-emotional development.

Provide trauma-informed professional development with Interactions at the Heart of Healing

  • Learn how to create trauma-informed environments
  • Discover how to support children and families through effective and positive interactions
  • Strengthen trauma-informed best practices and develop self-care strategies

Promote positive social-emotional development with a research-based Emotional Support Kit

  • Receive high-quality materials to support positive interactions and social-emotional concepts
  • Get strategies and guidance to plan effective ways to support children’s social-emotional strategies
  • Track challenging behaviors, plan proactive interactions, and promote children’s ability to manage feelings

Build a high-quality workforce and promote positive child outcomes.


Drive continuous improvement anytime, anywhere with myTeachstone

  • Provide data-driven, individualized professional development and track learners’ progress
  • Support teacher growth with ongoing, research-based observation and coaching practices 
  • Pair teachers with a certified CLASS® coach to provide intentional and facilitated coaching sessions

Re-focus on teacher-child interactions with CLASS® Foundations

  • Align on importance of interactions in supporting children’s development and learning
  • Explore the CLASS® domains and build understanding of emotional support, classroom organization, and instructional support
  • Discover research-based strategies to promote effective teaching practices

Strengthen your teacher quality with CDA with CLASS®

  • Give your staff members access to the only CDA offering that connects learning with CLASS® concepts and support positive interactions
  • Select from high-quality on-demand or facilitated programs that are mobile-friendly, interactive and engaging
  • Let us manage the CDA process for you and help your staff earn the required professional learning hours and CEUs or transferable college credits

Build capacity to ensure equity of interactions in every classroom.

Maximize the potential for every child by focusing on quality interactions with CLASS

  • Get insights into the quality of interactions within every classroom, across your program
  • Maintain accountability for equity standards by measuring the quality of teacher-child interactions
  • Make data-driven improvement decisions to support program quality

Make Practice-Based Coaching Accessible with myCoach Connect

  • Foster opportunities for teachers to engage in practice-based coaching and reflect on their own teaching practice
  • Connect teachers with a certified CLASS coach through a convenient, secure, and all-in-one platform
  • Allow teachers to receive personalized, effective coaching at their fingertips, on their own schedule

Schedule a free reopening plan workshop session.

Let us support you in focusing on what matters most.