Interactions at the Heart of Continuous Quality Improvement

CLASS® is a proven approach to improving teaching quality and child outcomes at scale
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The CLASS Framework

The CLASS tool was developed to help educators focus, measure, and improve teacher-child interactions and enables a continuous quality improvement approach that:

  • Focuses on the heart of great teaching
  • Promotes data-driven impact and ongoing progress monitoring
  • Supports integration and scales across organizations
  • Defines an equitable approach to quality
  • Gives consistency of quality across birth – secondary
  • Offers comprehensive, role-based professional development

Creating a More Equitable CQI Process

CLASS has been used across the country to create more equitable experiences for children by ensuring teachers in lowest performing settings get needed resources. CLASS also serves as an equalizer because it focuses on interactions that can be demonstrated by any educator.

A Proven System that Drives Quality and Improvement

A key to a successful continuous quality improvement journey is an intentional, systematic approach that drives a cyclical, ongoing process. Learn how CLASS offers a framework that aligns to the plan-do-study-act approach that is crucial in any CQI process.

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