Dual Language Learner Resource Series

Every day, teachers and other strive to provide high quality learning experiences to young dual language learners (DLLs).

All children, including DLLs, can benefit socially and academically from being in classrooms with high quality teacher-child interactions as measured by CLASS®. While the CLASS tool is not intended to be a measure of specific DLL best practices, several recent studies find CLASS to be a valid instrument for predicting development and learning among DLLs.

Teachstone developed these resources to help teachers:

    • identify and use key best practices that benefit DLLs,
    • see what effective interactions look like in classrooms where children are learning the language of instruction, and
    • connect to additional online resources.

On this page, you will find resources to help you learn about teaching practices to support dual language learners and how these practices crosswalk with the Pre-K CLASS dimensions. You can watch a series of bilingual videos that show DLL teaching practices in action. Finally, you can explore additional resources about supporting dual language learners.

Let’s Get Started!

First, explore this overview of 38 strategies you can start using in your classroom today to support dual language learners.



Next, check out the Viewing Guide for our video series. The Viewing Guide explains which DLL teaching strategies are modeled in each video, and it crosswalks the featured strategies with the Pre-K CLASS dimensions to show how you’re engaged in high-quality. Click the images below to download this PDF in English or Spanish.


Dual Language Learner Video Series

In these seven videos, you will see many dual language learner teaching strategies in action. A few videos are in English, a few are in Spanish, and several contain a mix of both languages. 

Watch Now

One and Zero

"Thirteen" es el trece

Parallel vs. Perpendicular

Blow the House Down

Buenos días al cielo

"Moose y "luz"

Los búhos tristes

Deepening Your Knowledge

Teachstone has curated some online resources to help you deepen your knowledge, The resources below can help you understand benefits of bilingualism, implement a Classroom Language Model, and support all dual language learners in your classroom.