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Create special memories for the children in your classroom while learning instructional support strategies for story time. Each story comes with downloadable reading guides packed with instructional support strategies.
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Tips from the Blog

13 Children’s Books for Social-Emotional Learning

A read-aloud is a powerful tool. In shared reading experiences, young children explore new worlds, hear new vocabulary, build relationships with their caregivers, and start to apply concepts to their own lives. Books, as it turns out, really are magic.
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Using Open-Ended Questions in the Classroom

Open-ended questions are an effective way to challenge your students and learn more about how they think. They encourage extended responses and allow your students to reason, think, and reflect. Read some examples of open-ended questions.
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5 Strategies for Scaffolding in an Early Childhood Classroom

When teachers provide feedback, they expand a children's learning and understanding of the world around them. Scaffolding is an excellent strategy for supporting both individuals and an entire class, and can come in many forms.
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Strategies for Teaching Empathy in the Early Childhood Years

Children don't display empathy the way adults do because they are still developing social-emotional skills. But educators can instill foundational skills for children to build upon as they mature.
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CLASS® Literacy Support Kit (Pre-K/K)

The CLASS Literacy Support Kit provides resources to help you plan interactions and activities that support effective read-alouds, alphabet recognition and phonological and print awareness skills. This kit, developed in partnership with Kaplan®, features high-quality classroom materials.
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CLASS Dictionary & CLASS Strategy Cards Bundle

Want an easy way to integrate more CLASS strategies into your day? The CLASS Dictionary defines and gives examples of every CLASS term you need to know. And the Strategy Cards will help you find new ways of interacting effectively in your Infant, Toddler, and Pre-K classrooms.
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Instructional Support Kit for Teachers

The kit, created in partnership with Kaplan, includes the manipulatives and guidance to help teachers enhance the CLASS domain of Instructional Support in their classrooms.
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Video Library Subscription

Research shows that teachers who watch classroom videos in our Video Library make greater gains in their interactions with children. By using the Video Library, teachers and care providers build an internal working model of how to interact more intentionally and effectively with children.
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