Trauma-Informed Care Webinar Series

Interactions at the Heart of Healing - CLASS-based Strategies for Supporting Teachers and Children

Join Bridget Hamre, Teachstone CEO and Co-Founder, and Lawonda Roman, CLASS Specialist, to discuss the impact of recent events on educators and children and learn about CLASS-based strategies to support teachers and students as they transition back to classrooms.

The Impact of Trauma on Behavior: Seeing Children’s Actions As Communication

In this webinar, Jimmy Venza, P.h.D. and Amber Ricks, Psy.D. of The Lourie Center for Children’s Social and Emotional Wellness will discuss how traumatic experiences can impact children’s behavior and what we can do as adults to support these children. We’ll explore ways in which you can observe and understand these behaviors as forms of communication and appropriately respond.

Know, then Grow: Becoming an Anti-Racist, Anti-Biased, Trauma-Informed Educator

In this webinar, Dr. Iheoma U. Iruka, the Chief Research Innovation Officer and Director of the Center for Early Education Research and Evaluation (CEERE) at HighScope Educational Research Foundation, will explore the reality of racism, white privilege, and implicit bias in learning settings and the links to trauma, often not acknowledged, discussed and addressed. We’ll discuss recent events that have further exposed existing inequities amongst children. Join us as we discuss institutional and interpersonal racism and how we as educators can change our own practices in the classroom, programs, and schools to create a more equitable education system.

Cultivating Connections After Trauma: Relationship Equity in Your Classroom

Join Amanda Wiliford, P.h.D. of the University of Virginia, as she explains the difference between relationship equality and equity and offers some research-based advice on what you can do about it. She’ll then share strategies for overcoming challenges to creating positive relationships with learners.

Promoting Resilience and Hope in Times of Trauma

In this webinar Rachel Wagner, MSW – Devereux Center for Resilient Children, will present us with a framework for understanding resilience and help us build our “resilience lens” by introducing three ways we can buffer or protect children from the adverse outcomes associated with adversity.