Same Core Training, Greater Impact

We reimagined and redesigned the CLASS® Observation Training for a more comprehensive training experience that leaves you feeling more confident in your ability to effectively observe interactions, specifically across diverse settings. The core of the training and the CLASS tool isn’t changing and with intentional overhaul and expansion of content, your impact will be greater than ever.

Increase Access

A Streamlined Experience Designed for Flexibility

An exciting change in the 2nd Edition of the CLASS® Observation Training is the combination of Pre-K, Transitional K, and K-3rd age levels into one manual, and one training.

CLASS 2nd Edition Pre-K–3rd Observation Training is designed to:

  • Streamline the observation training experience by giving you the choice to enroll in a Pre-K–3rd training or a Pre-K only training.
  • Offer you the ability to easily, and more quickly certify on the age groups relevant to their work, Pre-K only or Pre-K–3rd.
  • Give you access to the tools, CLASS 2nd Edition: Pre-K–3rd Observation Field Guide, and the knowledge to more effectively and efficiently complete classroom observations.

More Content, More Practice, More Confidence

The 2nd Edition of the CLASS Observation Training will extend to a three-day training to enhance the learning experience and provide time to cover new equity considerations.

CLASS 2nd Edition Pre-K–3rd Observation Training will:

  • Provide additional opportunities for you to deepen your understanding of your role as an observer and to learn more tactical strategies to enhance your observation practices.
  • Give you the chance to engage with a facilitator ahead of any self-study assignments.
  • Offer enhanced content, new practice videos, updated strategies, and discussion opportunities to support equitable practices that increases your confidence, especially in observing across diverse settings.
Measure for Impact

Opportunities to Enhance Knowledge & Skills

CLASS 2nd Edition provides an opportunity for that foundational knowledge to be expanded and enhanced.

To build on current observer certifications and skills, you can:

  • Access asynchronous, online support that explain the updates made in the 2nd Edition at no additional cost.
  • Enroll in additional CLASS® Observation Support trainings to enhance key specific observation skills.
  • Choose to become certified in CLASS® Environment (Infant/Toddler and Pre-K/K).

Transition Supports

All currently certified Pre-K and K-3 observers, and any observation participant trained by an Affiliate after July 1, 2022 will be automatically enrolled to gain access to on-demand transition supports. In addition, any certified observer can register for a virtually facilitated Transition Training, and any program leader can bring a facilitated Transition Training to their organization.

Transition Details

Looking for details on how this impacts your training and recertification plans? Check out these timelines and details below. While not required, it is recommended that certified observers engage in their own continuous learning and complete the transition supports available to them ahead of recertification.

Continue Making an Impact

While the CLASS tool is getting exciting updates, the core fundamentals and focus on interactions is not changing. Continue using CLASS to observe quality interactions. Coming later this summer, we're offering additional, no-cost supports for certified observers to hear about the changes, and learn how to strengthen your observation skills. To learn more, join us for an overview webinar or reach out with any questions!