Decrease Challenging Behaviors in the Classroom

Strengthen relationships with every child through the proven power of interactions.

Are you tired of the endless struggle with challenging behaviors in the classroom? Studies have shown that student behavior is one of the main stressors for teachers, leaving them feeling overwhelmed and drained. The secret to overcoming this lies in the power of meaningful educator-child interactions and effective classroom organization. By fostering strong connections and creating a structured environment, you can transform challenging behaviors into opportunities for growth and create a positive learning experience for both teachers and children.

Researched-Based Strategies to Transform Behaviors

Banking Time

Equip educators with an evidence-based training to help them build strong connections with every child. They will discover strategies to foster intentional one-on-one interactions, promote engaging experiences, and nurture relationships. Decrease challenging behaviors, increase teacher empowerment, and enhance children's well-being today!
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Pre-K CLASS Emotional Support Kit

Promote positive social and emotional development and help children recognize and manage feelings with a research-based kit. Don't forget the Transfer to Practice Webinar, where you'll learn strategies on how to use the materials effectively in the classroom!
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Create an Environment that Fosters Positive Interactions

CLASS Environment

Discover how classroom organization positively influences behavior in the classroom. Observers will learn how to score a classroom environment and teachers will discover strategies to set up their classrooms for success!
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Custom Events by Teachstone

Energize your educators and create a personalized learning series that helps them discover how to promote positive behavior through interactions. These 45-60 online facilitated sessions are designed to fit into any busy schedule and give practical and applicable strategies for improving interactions in the classroom.
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Resources to Help Educators Rise Above Challenging Behaviors

Use the Power of Interactions to Decrease Challenging Behaviors

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