Establish a Baseline

Teach your organization about the CLASS methodology and its impact on teacher-student interactions

Why train certified CLASS Observers?

  • Assess teacher performance.
  • Conduct observations on classroom interactions to inform professional development.
  • Collect data to support local, state, federal, Head Start, or QRIS compliance requirements.

CLASS Trainings to Get Started

A CLASS Primer for Leaders

An online course that helps education leaders understand how to lead a CLASS implementation in their organization

CLASS Foundations for Teachers

Build a teacher’s understanding of the CLASS tool and the three domains with a cost-effective and scalable collection of new online courses.

A CLASS Primer for Teachers

Introduce teachers to the CLASS methodology, why CLASS is important, and how it can help improve teacher-student interactions.

CLASS Observation Training

Train coaches, mentors, or administrators on how to collect CLASS assessment data through CLASS observations assessments.

CLASS Calibration

Code a classroom video and receive immediate feedback on your scoring—all online.

Ready to start your journey with CLASS?

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