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We believe every child deserves life-changing teachers.

Every day, Head Start programs work hard to provide our youngest children with the skills they need to thrive – in school and in life. At Teachstone, we are committed to supporting Head Start through our work to ensure all children experience effective interactions with their teachers – the very interactions that are proven to drive positive development and learning. Teachstone is the certifying organization of the CLASS® and was founded by co-authors of the tool.  We believe Head Start grantees deserve the best training and professional development, directly from the source.

Why choose CLASS?

While there are many teacher assessment and professional development solutions available, only CLASS provides teachers the research-proven insights, skills, and strategies they need to improve the most critical component of teaching quality—interactions.

Research clearly demonstrates connections between CLASS and children’s development and learning.

Over 200 research studies demonstrate that children in classrooms with more effective teacher-student interactions, as measured by CLASS, have better social and academic outcomes.

Need additional information about CLASS?

If you would like to know more about CLASS, please access our What is CLASS? and Why CLASS? resources.

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Pull your team together for a personalized professional development experience with these money-saving bundles

The Trauma-Informed Care Bundle

Today's children have experienced varying levels of trauma. Provide your team with the knowledge and skills needed to help them recover from trauma, learn and grow.
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The Meaningful Interactions Bundle

Support meaningful interactions and trauma-informed care in socially-distanced or virtual classrooms. Our experienced CLASS Specialists share how to prepare your team to show up as a trauma-informed relationship to children.
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The myTeachstone Bundle

Coach teachers and provide targeted PD - from a distance. Train internal coaches to leverage the myTeachstone platform to assign PD and provide in-person or virtual coaching support.
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We Work Closely with Head Start Programs Around The Country And We Get It

We understand your goals and concerns and we are here to help.

Get Started with CLASS Programs for Head Start

We have worked with Head Start programs all over the country and we can help you build a system of continuous quality improvement in your program.  Whether you are new to CLASS or growing your CLASS system, there are three things to consider:

  • How to prepare and develop your teachers
  • How to build a baseline of knowledge in your organization
  • How to develop and equip your coaches

We Can Help With Your Head Start Recompetition

Instructional Support For Your Organization

Teachstone has tools and resources to help improve Instructional Support scores.
Your educators will build knowledge of Instructional Support indicators and dimensions - and understand why they matter. Through instruction and real classroom videos illustrating effective interactions, participants will build a lens to identify instructional support interactions and apply this lens in their own teaching practices.
Instructional Support Strategies helps coaches generate strategies for increasing their teachers’ effectiveness in the Instructional Support domain, and helps them integrate these strategies into their professional development work with teachers.
CLASS Instructional Support Kit for Teachers
Make planning supportive interactions easy and enjoyable for teachers. The kit, Pre-K Patterns, includes the manipulatives and guidance to help teachers enhance the CLASS domain of Instructional Support in their classrooms.

Train Your Way!

Unlock the potential of great teaching with face-to-face CLASS trainings across the country and in your own backyard. For CLASS Observer Certification Training and the CLASS Affiliate Training Program, there are several options available to allow you to choose the avenue that best meets your needs.

  • Regional Training -Throughout the year, eleven regional trainings are held in locations around the country. To attend, your staff would travel to one of those locations.
  • Onsite Training – With our onsite trainings we bring certified CLASS instructors to your organization to train staff and build community while saving you travel costs. You provide the training space and participants. For onsite trainings, a 4-6 week lead time is required.
  • Local Shared Training (Pop-up) – These trainings are similar to our onsite offering in that we bring certified CLASS instructors to your organization to train your staff. To offset your costs, participants from outside of your organization are also invited to attend. For local shared trainings, a 4-6 week lead time is required.

View The Webinars from Our Partnership with NHSA

We recently partnered with NHSA to produce a series of webinars which drew a record number of viewers.  We invite you to view the recordings:

CLASS from The Source: Why Interactions Matter – Co-founder of the CLASS and Chief Impact Officer at Teachstone,  Dr. Bridget Hamre, discusses Why Interactions Matter and what the research says about interactions.  View Recording

CLASS from The Source: Why Coaching Matters – This webinar is focused on coaching teachers through a CLASS lens to improve teacher child interactions and strengthen outcomes for children. Coaching is critical to professional development and this hour helps coaches strengthen their practice. View Recording

CLASS from The Source: Why Instructional Support Matters – So much of our work happens in those teachable moments. This webinar focuses on the specifics of Instructional Support and provides guidance and strategies for coaches and teachers to support children’s learning. View Recording