Who We Serve

Our mission is simple. We will help every child reach their full potential by measuring and improving the interactions that matter most. Teachstone creates resources and products that support educators to create lifelong impact.

How Teachstone Supports Your Work

We're here to help you build stronger relationships and create lasting impact—no matter your role in education.


Learn more about how to foster meaningful interactions that lead to better outcomes for the children you serve.
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Our coaching resources and programs equip you with the proven coaching tools and support you need to help teachers succeed in the classroom.
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Explore the resources that will help you strengthen your ability to collect reliable data that measures teacher-child interactions.
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Create a culture of continuous quality improvement that helps you foster an equitable and impactful environment in your program.
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Taking Your Teachstone Experience Further

Those who are ready to deepen their mastery of CLASS may choose to join Teachstone’s Affiliate Trainer program. You’ll be able to train other staff on CLASS fundamentals and certify observers.

Teachstone in Specialized Settings

Learn more about how we're showing up and serving diverse settings and populations.

Head Start

Teachstone and the Office of Head Start have partnered to improve Head Start classroom quality. Teachstone provided CLASS Observation Training and certification to Head Start and offered professional development support to boost teacher-student interactions.

Family Child Care Programs

Family Child Care is a vital part of the system of early education and care. Teachstone is committed to supporting family child care providers to ensure that all children are exposed to effective interactions that promote learning and development.

Dual Language Learners

All children, including DLLs, can benefit socially and academically from being in classrooms with high quality teacher-child interactions as measured by CLASS. Find resources to help you learn about teaching practices to support dual language learners and how these practices crosswalk with the CLASS.

Meaningful Interactions for All Ages

CLASS® is being used in classrooms that serve children from infants up through 12th grade.

International Interactions

CLASS® Is Used in 50+ Countries

Learn how we’re supporting power of interactions across the globe.

Our clients and partners are creating lifelong impacts.