Developing World-Class Teachers

Building Institutional Excellence in the Classroom

The CLASS® methodology enables schools to foster teacher-student interactions proven to improve social, emotional, and academic outcomes.
Over twenty years of research from leading universities, the adoption by Head Start at the federal level and in 23 states have made the CLASS methodology the de facto standard in classroom measurement systems for assessing the quality of teacher-student interactions.
Teachstone’s® trainings and certifications bring CLASS to life for your teachers, coaches, and observers. Our online tools and exercises use intuitive technology to help you measure data, intervene with coaching, and, ultimately, improve teacher-student interactions.
The CLASS methodology is backed by decades of academic research and over 200,000 teachers have been observed through the CLASS. Teachstone works with schools to create a culture of excellence that impacts students, staff, and the community.

The CLASS Journey

The Teachstone-enabled path to excellence for your classrooms
Establish Baseline CLASS Stage 1
In CLASS Stage 1, certified observers use our platform to establish a baseline assessment of classroom performance, comply with Head Start or state-level reporting requirements, and ensure ongoing funding or certification.
Develop Proficiency CLASS Stage 2
Leveraging the assessment baseline, CLASS Stage 2 uses our online platform, hosted trainings, and coach certifications to address individual teacher development needs, and to build the foundations needed for ensuring consistent performance.
Sustain Mastery CLASS Stage 3
CLASS Stage 3 builds institutional capabilities for implementing CLASS professional development across their entire teacher population with new hire trainings and ongoing engagement by certified coaches and trainers within the organization.

CLASS Resources

CLASS practitioners join a community of educators dedicated to excellence in teaching. Explore the roles below to find resources to support each crucial member of your CLASS team.

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